Welcome to the Largo Beach Seaside Apartment.

Located right on the gorgeous Lower Largo Bay, the Largo Beach Seaside Apartment has two large bedrooms and can sleep up to five adults comfortably!

The apartment lies in the centre of Main Street on the mouth of a very unusual rivermouth harbour. The narrow Main Street winds its way along the shoreline, the houses on its seaward side backing almost directly onto the beach.

Access to the beach is possible at a number of points, but when the tide is in, it comes right up to the sea wall behind Main Street's houses.

Lower Largo was home to Alexander Selkirk or "Robinson Crusoe", a Scottish sailor who spent four years as a castaway on an uninhabited island!
Largo Beach Seaside Apartment
Come in and browse around the Largo Beach Seaside Apartment, we think you'll like it!
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